Information Technology and Intellectual Property Law

Legal Consulting

  • On issues related to placement of information in information and telecommunications networks, including the Internet;
  • On issues of compliance with provisions of license agreements of foreign right holders in accordance with Russian legislation;
  • On issues related to customs clearance and taxation of intellectual property objects.

Drafting documents

  • Drafting of agreements in the field of intellectual activity, including copyright agreements, license agreements, agreements on alienation of exclusive rights;
  • Preparation of confidentiality provisions, commercial confidentiality rules, provisions of employment contracts on copyright and exclusive rights, corporate rules and policies, information security policies, rules of use of websites and sale of goods through Internet sites.

Protection of rights to objects of intellectual property

  • Searching, collecting and recording evidence of intellectual property infringement;
  • Maintaining claims work with infringers;
  • Negotiating and preparing settlement agreements;
  • Preparing and submitting requests to state bodies, including law enforcement agencies;
  • Representing the interests of IP rights holders while investigating cases of administrative and criminal infringements;
  • Preparing statements of claim and representing clients in courts.

Information Security

Information security services

  • Drafting documents ensuring the legal value of electronic signatures and electronic correspondence;
  • Drafting documents to ensure a protection of personal data and commercial privacy system;
  • Drafting a legal strategy for information security in a company;
  • Legal support of technological and hardware investigations;
  • Representing clients in investigations of cybercrimes.

Corporate Law


  • Drafting of legal opinions on civil, customs, monetary and tax legislation;
  • Analysis of risks during transactions, checking of counterparties.

Drafting of documents

  • Preparation of documents to support incorporation, reorganization, dissolution of legal entities of any legal form;
  • Drafting of all types of contracts, agreements supporting activities of a legal entity;
  • Representing interests of clients with counterparties during conclusion of contracts;
  • Preparing documents in relation to functions of governing bodies of legal entities.

Analytical Expertise


  • Offline and online analysis of levels of intellectual property piracy;
  • Market research.

Financial investigations

  • Assessment of counterparties' trustworthiness and business reputation, identification of affiliation;
  • KYC (know-your-client).

Open source data analysis

  • Search and analysis of  data of sites distributing unlicensed intellectual property objects;
  • Development of individual techniques for collection of necessary data on Internet;
  • Identification of potential violators.

Identification of breach of terms of license agreements

  • Identifying and remedying breaches of intellectual property rights on Internet;
  • Pre-trial settlement of disputes in cases of identified "counterfeit" use.